Dragonfly Eyes – A Film by Xu Bing

Termin:  Dienstag, 3. Juli 2018
Uhrzeit: 12.00 Uhr
Ort: Institut für Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens, ÜR 311, Seminarstr. 4, 69117 Heidelberg
Eintritt: frei

A new, captivating film by the Internationally acclaimed installation artist and print-maker, Xu Bing, condenses 10,000 hours of surveillance videos into an 81-minute critique on the lack of privacy. It captures the ubiquity of violence redolent in almost every facet of society caught by the ever-present surveillance camera. Footage from random, everyday encounters in the grocery store, office park, on the highway, and other zones of modern Chinese life are collected, offering a social commentary on 21st-century world.


12:00 screening of Documentary of Dragonfly Eyes (narrated, Xu Bing), 9 min. (explores the making of longer film)

12:10 screening of Dragonfly Eyes (81 mins.)

13:45 Discussion with the Artist/Director-Xu Bing

14:15 conclude
Film: Surveillance camera footage sourced from public live-streaming websites
Executive Producer: Xu Bing; Producer: Xu Bing, Zhai Yongming, Matthieu Laclau
Screenplay: Zhai Yongming, Zhang Hanyi
Composer: Yoshihiro Hanno
Sound Design: Li Danfeng
Voices: Liu Yongfang, Su Shangqing (Mandarin, English dialogue);
Production: Xu Bing Studio

Major Funding and Support generously provided by Konfuzius Institute, Heidelberg.
Organized by ZO: IKO and Sinology.

Refreshments and sponsorship provided by IKO Fachschaft 
Special Thanks to the Xu Bing Studio.

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