Chinese Exceptionalism: A Research Agenda

Vortrag: Chinese Exceptionalism: A Research Agenda

Vortrag in englischer Sprache

Termin:  Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2018
Uhrzeit: 20.00 Uhr
Ort: Raum 212, Karl Jaspers Zentrum für Transkulturelle Forschung, Voßstraße 2, Gebäude 4400 69115 Heidelberg
Eintritt: frei

This lecture explores the emergent Chinese exceptionalism in order to search for a possible research agenda from interdisciplinary approaches. It will focus on modern times from Mao to the present, especially the ideological formations of Sinicization of Marxism (Chinese Marxism or Mao Zedong Thought),and “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” (from Deng to Xi). To begin the research, we need to address 1) Chinese exceptionalism under the rubrics of international politics; 2) Chinese exceptionalism as an ideology or value system; 3) cultural and historical roots of Chinese exceptionalism, and 4) implications for Xi Jinping’s global strategy.

Liu Kang is Professor of Chinese Studies, and Director of the Duke Programof Research on China at Duke University. Professor Liu is Elected Member of the Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe) since 2015. He is the author of twelve books, and has written widely in scholarly journals in both English and Chinese. In addition, he frequently contributes in the forms of op-eds, interviews and reviews to American and Chinese print and internet media, on issues ranging from contemporary Chinese media and culture, globalization, to Marxism and aesthetics.